Year: 2022
Technology: Development, Html, CSS, JS, Flask
Categories: Web Development


The AI Technical Indicators Analyzing System aims to simplify the process of choosing and analyzing indicators for brokers by training a model to identify the most profitable technical indicators.

This application saves time and energy by providing better insights for placing trades and eliminates the need for brokers to extensively learn the functionality of each technical indicator.


ATIAS has made significant contributions to universities, faculties, and trading companies. It serves as a valuable tool for learning about cryptocurrency and its relationship with technical analysis, increasing public awareness of combining technical readings and AI techniques. ATIAS provides early signals and high-confidence scores for both technical indicators and AI techniques, helping companies and individuals succeed in cryptocurrency trading.

It enables users to identify and seize opportunities in various cryptocurrencies and timeframes, promoting confidence in analyzing and sharing valuable information for success in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, ATIAS introduces studies on implementing fixed-time trading as a backtesting method for market and technical indicator analysis, surpassing conventional stop-loss trading methods.