Fairy Online Shopping System Using Java IDE Eclipse

App Development
Year: 2020
Technology: Java, Eclipse
Categories: App Development


The aim of creating Fairy Online Shopping System using Java with Eclipse is to develop a robust platform that allows customers to conveniently make purchases online. The system ensures security by securely storing transaction data, protecting sensitive customer information.

Additionally, the system aims to generate printed receipts for each transaction, providing a tangible record of purchases for both customers and the business. The project's objective is to create an efficient and user-friendly online shopping experience while maintaining accurate and organized transaction records.


In conclusion, the development of an online shopping system using Java with Eclipse has successfully achieved its aims of providing a robust and secure platform for customers to make online purchases. By securely storing transaction data, the system ensures the protection of sensitive customer information.

The generation of printed receipts further enhances convenience and serves as a tangible record for customers and the business. Overall, the project has successfully created an efficient, user-friendly, and organized online shopping experience that meets the objectives set forth.