Symbiote Smart Farming System Using Flutter

Year: 2021
Technology: Dart, Flutter
Categories: Web & Mobile App Development


The agricultural sector in Malaysia accounts for about 8.4% of the GDP and employs 14.5% of the total labor force (CIA, 2007). Malaysian agricultural production consists of tree crops (mainly for export), rice and livestock (mainly for domestic consumption), and fruits and vegetables (both export and domestic consumption). Main export crops include oil palm, rubber, cocoa, pineapple and pepper and cover over 75% of cultivated land.

The government is encouraging a shift of production to higher value crops. Thus, farmers are now focusing more on the supply chain of cash crops such as chili and cucumber. The aim of this project is to create an all-in-one platform for farmers to automate the traditional agriculture practice into precision farming practice and also to create a higher chance for farmers to bring their productions straight to the end consumer without the involvement of middlemen factor.


In conclusion, the integration of smart irrigation and control systems, along with sensor technology, has revolutionized farming practices, particularly in microfarming scenarios. By remotely monitoring and controlling crop conditions through automation and sensors, farmers can optimize production yields and address specific issues such as pest management and soil adjustments.

Symbiote, as a precision farming system, adds commercial value by efficiently managing land supply and aligning it with the right growing parameters for in-demand crops. Additionally, Symbiote enables precise water delivery, reducing evaporation and improving soil moisture content, while its forecasting capabilities and ability to deliver controlled quality and quantity of goods to the market on time contribute to minimizing waste and maximizing profitability.